Growing up I always wanted to be a news reporter or columnist, but never actually pursued it as a career.

Now I’m in my mid-forties and suddenly have started to get the urge back to at least work on improving my writing skills.  So for my 2014 New Years resolution I’ve decided to write every single day and use the year to see how much improvement I can make.

I’m never short on opinions and I love to debate, but unfortunately in the online world true debate is nearly impossible because when hiding behind a keyboard people just tend to get stupid (at least I hope it’s the keyboard and not merely that the world is full of stupid people).  As a result the majority of my posts will have the comments turned off.  It’s a shame because I would love to discuss serious topics like religion, politics and trivial ones like sports.  But I’m not interested in the circus you see in most newspaper or blog comment sections.

I titled the blog “Who cares what I think…” with the intention of having categories such as “… about politics!”, “…about sports!”, “…about music!”, etc.  This allows me to make this blog about literally anything and everything.  I feel like that’s important if I’m going to stick to this goal of writing all year, but at the same time I recognize that the lack of a singular focus will make it a less enticing blog for the reader.

My sense of humor tends to be somewhat dry and tongue in cheek.  I feel like the blog name and categories reflect that.  One of the main reasons I’ve put off creating a blog as long as I have, despite my interest in writing, is that it seems like in this day and age everyone’s opinion has to be vocalized, and I find that maddening.

I don’t know everything.  I don’t claim to know everything.  I have little respect for people who think they do.  My opinions may at times be strong but in the vast majority of cases they can be altered by a compelling argument.  In other words, I’m under no illusion that I’m right about everything.   I have immense respect for people who are willing to discuss and debate a topic with a reasonably open mind and can do so without getting nasty about it.

In summary, this blog is not meant to be anything more than a personal exercise.  However, if anyone should happen to find any of my posts to be of interest to them that would be a welcome bonus.


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