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about Meal Delivery Services.

In an effort to expand my dinner rotation from it’s current four meals (frozen pizza, hamburgers, fish sticks & chicken burgers) I’ve decided to try a meal delivery service.  Actually, I’ve decided to try them ALL.

I’m not quite sold yet on their value.  Ranging from $60 – $80 per week they seem kind of pricy to me considering it only covers one meal per day for six days for a single person.  But, they all offer great deals for the first purchase, typically 50% off.  At that price it’s worth a try.  It also gives me a great opportunity to try them all.

The first thing I’ve found is that if you’re going to do this you need to be very careful.  I’m putting my credit card info in every service and have to make sure I’ve skipped the weeks after the first delivery.  If I’m not careful I could wind up with a week where I get 10 deliveries of food!

Now the simple way to do it would be to cancel my plan once I get the first box, but I’m hoping one of these services will be worth keeping, so I prefer not to cancel just yet.  I’ve heard that they all offer the option of skipping weeks, and a few offer the chance to put the subscription on hold.  Hopefully the latter is true of most as that would be the easiest way to do this.

So my first endeavor was with Hello Fresh!  The next post will talk about them.